A poll revealed that more than half of the British people would support racial profiling for security reasons for Muslims and Arabs.

Poll Shows Great Differences Between Voters Views

The “attitudes towards the United Arab World” survey showed great differences between the views held by the conservative, Workers’ Party and Liberal Democrat supporters, as opposed to the opposing sides of the Brexit debate. For example, about 80 per cent of voters’ votes believed that Arabs who migrated to the United Kingdom “failed to live in western societies”. But only 45 per cent of Remain voters felt the same thing and averaged them. In general, only 28 percent thought that immigrants and refugees from the Arab world were beneficial to Britain.

The respondents did not agree with 55 per cent when asked whether they would support racist profiling against Arabs or Muslims for security reasons. However, 72 per cent of Conservative voters in this year’s general elections supported the proposal. However, almost three quarters believed that Islamophobia deteriorate in the United Kingdom and that politicians, commentators and public statements increased the risk of hate crime.

In connection with the Arab-English Conception Council (Caabu), more than 2,100 people were investigated by YouGov in the weighted poll of the Arab News. Caabu’s director, Chris Doyle, said the racist profiling would not be “the right treatment” for the ongoing terror threat against Britain after four ISIS-linked terrorist attacks this year.


British People Exaggerates The Number of Muslims in the United Kingdom

“It is clear that many people are concerned about security after the attacks in Britain,” Chris Doyle told The Independent newspaper.

“It takes more than a lot to look at how racial profiling can make people safer and cause a very harmful effect and cause a lot of antagonistic emotions. The result reinforces the other findings about refugees, immigrants and attitudes towards Islamophobia,” he said.

More than half of respondents linked Arab culture to a strict gender role and Islam. Most of the respondents were ineffective in promoting the human rights of British foreign policy in the region and encouraging global security, while 83 per cent went wrong in the British war in Iraq in 2003, and 53 percent were against the ISIS. They said they believed they was continuing military intervention.

More than half of the mediators have “limited knowledge” of the Arab world, and 25 percent of them say “nothing”, even though it has given an opinion on a broad range of issues, including the situation of Israel and the occupied Palestinian territories. They don’t know. 

Most people will not travel to the region and most of the surveyed have been incorrectly identified by countries such as Iran, Afghanistan, Israel and Turkey for the purposes of the survey. Chris Doyle pointed out that the vast majority of people said they didn’t know anything about the Middle East when they needed understanding more than ever.

Again, Chris Doyle, “the levels of ignorance provide the basis for increased hostility. If we’re really going to be a global Britain, it will affect it very negatively. We must embrace the outside world,” he said.

“The poll results are not satisfied with British diplomatic interventions in the Arab world of the UK people, but the British have knowledge of some of the complexities in the region,” said Faisal J Abbas, the editor of Arab News. It means they’re not.”


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Writer: Sezar Mama

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