“I’m a woman, and there’s enough political content in the movie. I don’t need to comment any more.”

Jennifer Lawrence

If you want to see how horrible discrimination is for women, you must follow this film. There really is a criticism of racism as hard as the critics talk about. Now let’s talk about the movie without too much of a scam.

 The Subject of The Film

The Red Sparrow is the story of a woman the Russian government used to spy on a CIA agent. Of course, this starring Jennifer Lawrence. The pervert’s uncle proposes to be a Russian agent for The Red Sparrow, which was broken down by a work accident. Of course, this is an unusual situation.

Jennifer Lawrence decides to work for her uncle because she cannot continue her career and is stuck in money. Here’s the first knot in the film so it gets dumped. Jennifer Lawrence, who was sent to education with The Red Sparrows, is a heavy education here with male domination. Forced rape is forced to fight heavy sanctions, like lying under men.  At this point, there may be those who think the film is propaganda of American freedom. But it doesn’t change the fact that women in Russia are extremely crushed.

The Film should be perceived as an empowering story for women. Because the hero fights against men who manipulate him and shows that there’s more to them than a baby they can abuse. The Red Sparrow, who is a Russian American agent in turn, does not forget the perversions of his uncle and completes the film on the American side with freedom. I must add that all the men in this film cannot resist The Red Sparrow.

They can all be easily manipulated by sex or seduction, and most of them have sadistic perversions. All men see women as sexual objects. If you want to learn more about this film, I suggest you read the criticism of Delia Harrington and Hannah Woodhead, who questioned the depiction of female hostility and rape, respectively. Today, I want to question why such a film is problematic and what we should do about it as an audience/consumer.

You Must Look at The Dark Face of The Moon

First, imagine who plays a role in the production of this film. How different is the player? Who’s directing the film? Is he or someone else charged with assault or rape? What were his previous films? How were women, men, colored people, and other minorities depicted? Or ask yourself the question: Which product are they trying to sell? When you look carefully at The Red Sparrow’s 2.5-minute trailer, you see how the woman’s body is marketized.

The Red Sparrows, who have no other duties than to seduce men, represent the oppressed woman today. However, there is one more problematic pole in this situation, does it not cause the violence of women to be more violent? We’re already witnessing the violence against women in all the news and everyday life. How does a negative portrait of this degree lead to a stance in the male audience? How accurate is it that an actress who exhibits a strong and determined woman’s image with a series of starvation games like Jennifer Lawrence is almost a prostitute?

In the media campaign around this film, it is clear that a woman’s carcass is Markein’in place of a woman’s story. We might think that Jennifer Lawrence has a role for money. Nevertheless, the people who made this film should have been more considerate when using a feminist star like him. Yes, it’ll take time for the film industry to change. The use of beautiful players in every film is a difficult rule to change in our world, from commercial concerns to political battles.

In fact, there’s not much left to see in most theaters. However, keep in mind that watching a movie in the cinema is a way to support it, and it contributes to its success. So, for each of these movies you see, watch movies made by independent films, women or colored people, and see movies that pass through all the tests. Tell your surroundings what the purpose of these films are made. The use of beautiful women in a feminist manner is beneficial for the contemporary world. We will all see how the American cinema that is out of the way can be ethically deductible and how it can ignore all the universal value.

Bibliography: Harpy Magazine, Fox Movies

Writer: Sezar Mama

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