“They are slowly killing us, this is an imperialism plan to expel us from the region,” said Hashim Abu El Ela, a city tradesman. 

Rant Fighters Captured Egypt

Political games are shown as development, and then it turns into a disease that actually spreads like a virus. One of these games was witnessed in Egypt. The rant games of bloody-minded policy actors returned in the heart of Egypt. Despite the Arab Spring, the architectural texture of the city was not preserved in Egypt. Bulldozers and demolition teams destroyed historical sites without saying day and night.

This situation has overturned the locals peace in the region. Moreover, no international organisation has ever announced the preservation of cultural heritage in Egypt. “This place is still alive for us,” said Essam Ahmed, one of the shopkeepers of the Hinhayat region, for the watchmaker’s shop, which was demolished by his father and bulldozers.

Photograph: Farid Farid

A fundamental demolition policy was implemented in Egypt. Looking for other superpowers behind this policy was like playing football with a big piece of rock. This devastation was based on the urban development plan known as the Maspero Triangle in Cairo.

Photograph: Khaled Elfiqi/EPA

Surrounded by a variety of buildings, including the Italian consulate and the Cairo Radio and television building, close to the Nile River, the 35 hectares of Maspero Triangle area is lined with a new financial center, luxury hotels and shopping malls was reconfigured. However, the urbanization plan was made entirely without considering the country’s or the cultural fabric of the city. The dollar was always on the line.

Government Sells The City To Private Companies

“They are slowly killing us, this is an imperialism plan to expel us from the region,” said Hashim Abu El Ela, a city tradesman. Again, Hashim Abu al-Ela said Egypt’s president, Abdul Fatah al-Sisi, wanted to transform Cairo into a profitable playground for wealthy investors and tourists. Chinese investors were known to invest 20 billion dollars in the Maspero Triangle region. This was not explained in which companies are Chinese investors.

Maspero’s redevelopment became part of a broader plan for the redesign of downtown Cairo. After the excavations and the French archaeologist Gaston Maspero, who went to the Egyptian Museum, there was an agreement with others in November 2015. Foster and Partners was given a concession contract to an architectural company.

Part of the Foster + Partners vision for the redeveloped Maspero Triangle.
Although demolition has begun, no construction companies have yet been contracted for rebuilding.

Khaled El Seddiq from informal Reconciliation Development Fund “comes before the safety of people. Honestly, I don’t see any architectural inheritance in these buildings,” he said. Authorities say they offer 60,000 EGP per room, instead of every settlement in the area. Others were adding that compensation was not paid, even though they had approved the funds to receive them before they were forced to evacuate.

Khaled El Seddiq “The Maspero triangle is one of the biggest slums in Egypt, where many cases of urban degradation and untenable living are experienced due to human intensity.” El Seddiq estimates that the final compensation amount will reach 1.3 billion EGP. This compensation contained more than 4,500 families.

Al Seddiq had broader concerns that Egypt’s urban vision created spatial and class inequalities. El Seddiq “The government is using unofficial settlements as a quick way to earn some money. He’s doing this by exploiting the rent space,” he said.

Local People And Trades Were Ignored

“The difference between eviction and expropriation costs is lower and the investment/resale value of the vacant land is higher,” said the founding partner of Tooba, a Cairo-based building company, Yahia Shawkat. Apart from Hinhayat, the broken stone and concrete mounds were sending dust clouds to the air while residents were heading inwards.

The packaging of hundreds of precious clocks for Ahmed, who wanted to keep his father’s legacy in watchmaker, was an emotionally laborious task, and there was no point in taking place in newly opened shopping malls. Ahmed “I can’t accept that this is all going to end. Look at the debris outside the store. Our government did this,” he said.

As we mentioned at the beginning of the article, political games spread like a virus. However, it is a complete fraud to be done using the Arab Spring. The Arab Spring is a period of thought and ideal development. This development has no connection to pillage the streets of the city, destroying bulldozers and buildings in the city.

Bibliography: The Guardian, Voice Of America

Writer: Sezar Mama

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